Ark Angel Pet Sitting Services  - "All Creatures Great and Small"
                                      About Me
My name is Linda Vitelli, owner of Ark Angel Pet Sitting Services. I have lived and worked in south Florida since 1991. 
I believe in building solid relationships with all my two and four legged clients. It is my company’s goal to gain each client’s trust, so they can have the peace of mind they deserve when they can’t be at home with their pets. 
Since childhood I have had the pleasure of caring for and loving a variety of pets. I have a dachshund named Chili that I adore since he never lets me have a bad day! He is my joy! I also care for three exotic birds, a Blue and Gold Macaw and two yellow nape amazons. Notice I said “care for” not own. This is because these birds own me!
 From my youngest memory I can still recall my fascination with birds. This fascination with these beautiful, graceful creatures led me to my first animal care job in New York at the Staten Island Zoo. My position as an assistant avian care taker taught me everything from training and handling to rehabilitation and nutrition. I then moved on to a career as a Veterinary technician in Brooklyn New York where I gained a wealth of knowledge in the proper care and handling of all types of pets. Then in 1991 I relocated to Boca Raton where I started my career as a professional dog trainer.
 I then had the opportunity to become a part time care taker for the Aviary at the Boca Beach Resort and Club where I was soon called things like "Lady Hawk" and "The Boca Bird Lady". After many years of working there the Resort decided to find permanent homes for the birds and I was heart broken! As I still had my career in dog training I decided to offer more services to my clients and give myself the opportunity to work with a variety of pets. Since I have been taking care of animals my whole life it seemed only natural for me to start a business in pet care, so in 2004 Ark Angel Pet Sitting Services was born!
Also in 2004 I decided to further my training education and pursue my certification as a Master Dog Trainer and Handler at the Academy of Canine Education in Queens New York. I feel so fortunate to be blessed with a career that has brought me so much joy through the animals that touch my life every day!
Member of and insured by Pet Sitters Association,LLC
Member of NAPW/National Association of Professional Women

Volunteer for The Humane Society of the United States
Volunteer for The Wildlife Care Center/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida