Ark Angel Pet Sitting Services  - "All Creatures Great and Small"

As any owner knows, you can't trust just anyone to care for your bird when you're away from home. Our feathered friends are highly intelligent, emotional animals who can be sensitive to changes in their daily routine. Ark Angel’s team of bird sitters is specially trained to anticipate your bird's every need and provide social interaction and play, which are just as important to a bird's well-being as basic necessities like food and water. Best of all, we come to you, so your bird isn't exposed to the unfamiliar environment or possible health risks of a boarding facility.
20 minute Basic Care $15.00
- Feeding, fresh food and water, cage maintenance. On this visit we do not handle the bird(s)
30- minute deluxe with playtime $20.00
- The deluxe option, which includes all of the above plus birdie playtime
60-minute extended visit  $35
-An extended visit that will  give your bird(s) the opportunity for more social interaction, perfect for birds who need lots of attention.
For the safety and health of your bird, we require at least one visit each day for vacation sitting. Please note that there is a $10 fee for each holiday visit.